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Aspen Nightlife – World Link Café

While on your wonderful vacation in Aspen, you will enjoy many of the finer things in life – including fresh open air and natural surroundings. It is wonderful and peaceful – but since we have become a technical society, you might start having email withdrawals. The World Link Café in Aspen has a solution.

This wonderful Internet Café is located in the heart of downtown Aspen on Hyman Avenue. It is open until 10pm each day, and serves wonderful cappuccinos, mochas, and lattes, as well as pastries, cookies, sausage rolls and meat pies. The Internet is also served with a bank of computers with Internet Access – where you can access your email.

Of course, there are fees for using the computers, and it isn’t cheap. It costs about $10 per hour – but if you are having Internet or email withdrawals, it may be well worth it to spend twenty bucks or so for a couple of hours of computer time. Then, get right back out there and enjoy more of the fresh air and peace that Aspen has to offer you.




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